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UV Graphic Technologies Manufactures state of the art Flexographic Film, Label and Carton Presses with the highest accuracy standards known to the label and flexible packaging industry. Our presses are designed to achieve 100% register in less than 3 meters of waste. All our presses are capable of printing multiple substrates from 8µ unsupported films to 450µ Carton Board with fully automated settings.
UV Graphic manufactures an array of multi capability presses which are designed for Hot Foil, Cold Foil, Cast n Cure, Roto Gravure, Silk Screen, Peel n Seal, Crossover, Hanger and Booklet Labels all in one Pass. All units can be mounted on a rail for free and easy movement between print units.

The Quick-Change Die Cutting units on all presses can be incorporated with Semi Rotary, Full Rotary, Wet Glue and In-Mold (IML) Label Punching in line with ease. The Sheeting Units are designed for sheeting at 150 Meters / minute. Ultraflex UFO Presses are also Ultra Compact and occupy the smallest floor space and the shortest web path in the label industry. The Design makes it possible to fit an 8-color press in less than 20 Sq. Meters of Floor Space. All Ultraflex presses come with Combo UV Dryers which are LED Ready.These LED ready UV Systems are standard on all presses manufactured by UV Graphic which makes all presses Future Ready for LED Curing. In addition, all presses can be equipped with Hot Air and Infra-Red Dryers and special dryers for specific applications.

Ultraflex UFO (ultimate flexo option) A fully automated feature packed flexo press configurable with singe or multiple Servo Motors for up to 16 colors.

Ultraflex EFO (economical flexo option) Our economical series with optional Servo or Line Shaft for up to 8 Colors.

Ultraflex GFO (gravure flexo option) Our UFO press with in line Gravure Printing.

Ultraflex HFO (hot foil option) Our UFO press with in line Hot Foil Stamping.

Ultraflex CFO Our UFO press with in line Coupon (peel and seal)

Ultraflex Typhoon Our UFO press with high velocity hot air dryers.

All machines can be equipped with:

  • Web Cleaner
  • Corona Treater
  • Hot Air Dryer
  • IR Dryer
  • UV System
  • UV LED System
  • Roto Gravure Station
  • Silk Screen
  • Vary Gap Master
  • Semi Rotary Die Cut
  • Peel and Seal
  • Coupon Label
  • Sheeting Conveyor
  • Stacker
  • IML Application
  • Chill Drums
  • Auto Register
  • Second Pass
  • Cold Foil
  • Hot Foil
  • Lamination
  • Cast and Cure
  • Scratch Off
  • Hanger Label


(ii)Silk Screen


Ultraflex Presses can be incorporated with a drop in or floating Rotary Screen Heads or fixed position Flat Screen-Printing Units.

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